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“Hi, I’m a Sex Coach”

I love the conversations that follow with strangers when I just mention, or they overhear, that I’m a Sex Coach.

The world is starving for this conversation. People open up to me; sharing their stories, confiding in me with secrets, and asking me so many questions. I am confident to hold all of it.

This is what I’ve been training for, my entire adult life, not just the hyper-focused two years of schooling and certification. I love this work, and because of my own mistakes and heartbreak on the subjects of sex, love, and relationship, I have done the work and field research. I live for this! I would do this for free, but we both receive amazing value when there’s an equal exchange.

Sex is not just something I feel comfortable in; it’s where I live. Whether I’m having partner sex or  intentional celibacy, I am home.

I can apply holistic sex tools to everything: birth, self-pleasure, my business, tumultuous breakups, parenting, rollercoasters, friendship, and engaging with the world.

I can find pleasure in EVERYTHING!

I’ve been through HELL, so I feel confident in holding others even in their most intense emotional states.

I  am constantly learning, applying, and practicing sex, love, and relationship tools. I can’t help but share my knowledge. It’s what lights me the fuck up. It’s what I want to me remembered for. I don’t want to die with these potent gifts still inside!

So, for the new year, I am offering 30- 30 minute chats… FOR FREE! I might invite you to work deeper with me, but this is not a sales call. It’s a gift; a spreading of this powerful seed that has not only kept me alive, but in a state of pleasure, even in the bleakest of times.

If this is something you’re curious about, reach out to me and we will chat.

Is there a challenge you’re having? A break up, overcoming abuse, painful dating experiences, a pregnancy, a new baby, desiring to connect more deeply with your partner, a calling to understand and develop your sexuality- your life force vital energy, or curious about getting more creative sexually? I’ve lived ALL of these! I not only have the raw experience, but the knowledge to back it up. I know your conversation with me will be a powerful gift in your life, and I don’t want to hold that gift inside.

Let’s get started, send me an email

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