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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

Labyrinths are different from mazes. Mazes have cul de sacs and ways you may get stuck or lost, and your goal is just to get out of them.

Labyrinths, no matter the turns, how lost you may feel, or how long it takes to get to the center, as long as you keep going, you will find it.

Life is a Labyrinth. We have this deep inner knowing there’s more to life than surface level of being productive, working, paying bills, and some fun leisure time to punctuate it.

But how often can we trust that the path we are on is the right path?

What if you knew you could NEVER veer off your path?

That moving forward IS the path?

With a labyrinth, our center is our truest self. Early on the path of the labyrinth, and often early in life, we are shown our authentic self by getting so close to the center. But, as we travel through the labyrinth, we find ourselves on the outer edges, going for what seems like forever, so far from this knowing. Eventually, if we keep going (this is the key) we find our way into the center. We touch it. We have a knowing we have found ourselves, our gifts, and a “yes of course”.

For me, I was shown my center when I was 8-11. I loved to learn and be in nature and teach! I would teach my 2nd grade classroom, and then go next door and teach the other class what I had been learning. At that time my obsessions were bugs and weather.

We moved to England from ages 9-11 and started to really figure out who I was. I loved again, being close to nature. I learned about Chinese Medicine when I was sick and the Western medical world failed me. My father after telling him about my dreams and interests got me my first witch books, dream interpretation books, and tarot deck.

I had my first menstrual cycle living there and was super curious about my body and sexuality. I was excited about new changes in me and wanted to know everything about what it meant to become a woman.

These moments were clues to where my passions and purpose live now. Moving back to the states was my flinging out to the edges of the labyrinth. I felt lost, misplaced, uprooted just as I was beginning to blossom, and I forgot for a while what it felt like to be “me”.

Today, I feel closer to my center than ever. I LOVE teaching. I love Sex Witch activities like Tantric practices, Sex Magick, and Ecstatic Dance. My dreams have continued to be the insight and future-telling they’ve always been, but now I’m really listening. I read my Tarot often. I love holistic and natural medicine. Nature is my hospital. And Sexuality and Pleasure and showing women and couples that there is SO MUCH more! You don’t know what you don’t know, but I can fill you in with some juicy details.

What clues were you given early in life?

If you can see your life as a Labyrinth, can you trust that just moving forward is getting you to your truest self?

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