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My Story

While at a family Christmas party when I was 23, my aunt had everyone go around the room and share what their dream job was. With some wine in my system, I boldly declared in front of a room of Italian Catholics that I wanted to be a Sex Therapist. That was thirteen years ago, and stepping into a career as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach really is a dream come true. 

My path started as a bartender. Looking back this was key to my ability to connect with others. I can have a conversation with just about anyone. It also gave me experience in archetypes of the collective, ability to feel the energy of others, allowed my creative side to flourish, helped me refine my art in flirting and seduction, as well as become more skilled at building and maintaining relationships. Bartending also gave me the courage to step into my own business. 

After some not-so-great restaurant jobs, I took a different turn and put myself through massage school. It was a declaration of my independence from working for other people and from my father, but that’s another story. During massage school, I could feel energy and experienced the power of human touch and connection. This led me down the path of learning Reiki. Yoga and Life Coaching were the next two stops on my path of expanded growth, curiosity, and my inquisitive mind and spirit. I worked to weave these elements together, and these pieces will forever be a strong base in the work I do. The philosophies in Reiki, Yoga, and Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching are roots that helped me branch out and up towards the next declaration of my purpose and mission. 

During a powerful retreat, after meditating in group, I exclaimed that I wanted to be a Sex Coach. The seed planted a decade earlier was sprouting to the surface, ready to be nurtured and brought into the light. It felt so pure and clear, to admit (finally after years of study, countless books read, and an almost lifelong fascination with the topics of sex, love, and relationships) that I would find a way to focus on becoming a great Sex Coach. 

The Universe was listening and met me at my conviction because a day after returning home I received an email from Layla Martin’s team saying that applications for VITA™️ Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching program were open. I clicked on the link and was greeted with multiple pages of questions. Normally, I’d think of exactly what I’d want to put in the boxes, making sure my answers were perfectly crafted, but on this day I sat outside in my bikini by the pool and poured my heart out. I was approved, paid my first month of tuition, and immediately fell in love with the pre-course bonus material. I was home.

A month before the official program began, I found out I was pregnant, but there was no way I’d let that stop me! I was so grateful for the modifications for practices for every stage of pregnancy so I could continue my lessons- having insight of doing the practices while pregnant as well as not has provided an incredible gift for myself and clients. 

The program was over 650 hours of in-depth work into Tantric, Neo-Tantric, and Taoist Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology, and so much juicy connection between Mysticism and Science which really lights me up! We read over a dozen books, had powerful lectures packed with incredible information, months of our own self-transformation, we learned powerful methodology and modalities for coaching ourselves, peers, and clients. This work is nothing short of magic! I’ve seen epic insights and transformation in only one or two sessions. 

I was so hooked on this work, I didn’t let having a baby stop me. I used the tools I learned in this program to have an ecstatic, natural, and empowered birth. I would attend lectures while breastfeeding, and I’d use the hour or two a day when I had help to complete Practicums with peers and outside clients (more than 65 hours of coaching!). 

This work also showed me what healthy relationships looked like, and I had to be honest with myself that the one I was in was not it. I worked on my worthiness and deservingness, and found strength, courage, and will to leave an abusive situation. On the other side I found that pleasure, this coaching methodology, and the deep work I have done on myself I’m finding not only healing, but the capacity to help others who are/have been in similar situations. 

I still practice Massage Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, and Integrative Wellness Coaching because they blend so well with this powerful methodology. I also find that some people aren’t ready to dive right in, so massage or reiki are often entry points. 

I have worked with a range of people: men, women, and couples. I haven’t landed on a particular “niche” that says “OMG YES, it’s THIS”, but the key piece with everyone I’ve worked with is enjoying their lives with increased vitality, peace, love, and authenticity. I have coached men on increasing their confidence and creating not only a new relationship to their sexuality, but expanding their ability to experience more pleasure in more ways. I have helped women get more comfortable and open with their sexuality, finding they can hold and support themselves, to release layers that are holding them back from their truest and most authentic expression, and to enjoy sex so so so much more (with themselves and others. I also have enjoyed this work with couples to help them see their partner more deeply, forming more intimate connections, and have epic sex. 

I love what I do for work, but it feels like way more than a job. I have a sense to my core that this is my Mission and Purpose. It’s the topic I will continue to study for the rest of my life, weaving everything else I’ve learned and continue to learn into it so I can touch and help as many people in my corner of the planet as possible. I also thoroughly love teaching and sharing my knowledge. From my raw experiences and my studies, I can confidently say I have developed wisdom and wisdom is meant to be passed on. 

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Please reach out if you have any further questions!

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What is Sex Coaching 

TL;DR: Sex Coaching is Success Coaching 

Sex coaching is one branch of the Life Coaching Tree, but in my opinion, I believe it’s the trunk! Life itself is incredibly broad, so narrowing it down into one branch allows client and coach to identify specific goals, like in sex, love, and relationships. The beauty is, once you start diving into this realm, all areas of life will be affected. 

I believe that our relationship to our sexuality is the relationship we have to all of life. We can find areas in our life that also need an adjustment when we focus on our sexuality. Plus, this is a subject we need to discuss more frequently and to feel safe enough to do so. It’s such a huge part of being human, to deny it means we deny so much of ourselves. The most fulfilling life is found through becoming the wholeness and truth of who we are. 

The methodology I use in my Sex Coaching is Desire-based. Where therapy is great for learning how to survive and cope, unpack old wounds and traumas, and often dive into what’s wrong, coaching approaches in a different way. Coaching is for when you are ready to change the default trajectory of your life and to thrive. No one “needs” coaching, but if you want to change your life, a coach will help you see your blind spots, believe in you, and also not hold back from revealing the truth of what they’re experiencing. Coaching is for deciding where you want to go, and going after it, learning about yourself the entire way. Self-awareness is key in self-development, so the more you find the truth of who you are, the more while you become. Going after desires, even if we don’t achieve exactly what we thought, it doesn’t feel the way we thought it would, or we change our minds after we get it is never a wasted journey. 

I will help you identify what you REALLY want, addressing the core desires, and discovering your “why”. When we have a big, juicy, yummy, and we’ll-defined desire, we will work through any challenges along our path. We are lit up with desire, erotic energy, to fuel us as we follow our dreams. 

After we decide on a desire path together, we use practices like meditations, visualizations, breath-work, and integrative adventures to identify the one or two obstacles/places of resistance that are in the way. I love that this methodology works with the body-mind, as you cannot simply “think” your way to a solution. The body holds a tremendous amount of wisdom and is a key part of why we are living the life we are in this present moment. This coaching methodology allows you to really connect with the messages your body and emotions are trying to share with you. 

I could go on about the rich connection between the mystic and scientific woven throughout this Vital, Integrated, and Tantric™️ approach to coaching. It’s definitely something that needs to be experienced to be understood. 

In my own experience, using these tools and receiving coaching on the other side has been powerful in my life. I used the tools to give birth completely naturally; I felt empowered, blissful, and ecstatic. I used them to remind myself of my worthiness and deservingness and free myself from an abusive relationship. And I continue to use them to find bliss and opportunity even in the most challenging situations. 

Sex coaching is powerful, life-changing, and exactly what our world needs. 

What Sex Coaching is NOT

What Sex Coaching is NOT

TL;DR: Sex Coaching is NOT Sex Work 

Sex coaching is coaching one on one or couples in a safe, therapeutic, and professional setting. Myself and my clients are fully clothed at all times. There is no sexual activity between coach and client, nor is there any dating between coach and client. 

There are sets of boundaries, expectations, terms, and agreements to be upheld and honored by both parties. 

What should I expect in a session and coaching container?

What can I expect? What does it look like to work with you?

TL;DR: When we meet for sessions, we go deep and use the wisdom of the body to guide the session. Between sessions, integration is where the real magic happens.  I continue to support you during the entire coaching container. 

In a coaching container with me, you can expect to go to your edges, but only as far as your nervous system will allow. We work with the body-mind and practices include breath-work, felt sense meditation to map the body-mind and identify parts that may be in resistance to your desires, and embodiment exercises. Between sessions, you will have homework that we decide on together based on your desires. 

I will check in with you for accountability, celebrations, and if I find resources that I feel would benefit you, I will send those. It’s not just the one on one sessions that create transformation in your life, but the integration between the sessions that creates massive results and transformation that lasts. 

How can I work with you?

The first step is a quick chat to go over goals and to see if SLRC is right for you. Send an email to to set this up. From there, we can determine if a coaching container of several sessions is right for you or if  a single 1:1 session is sufficient for your goals. 

What training have you had?

What kind of training have you had to become a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach? 

***TL;DR: I received my Certification for Layla Martin’s VITA™️ Sex, Love, and Relationship coaching program after 650+ hours of study and application.****

My life’s journey has been a pathway to this work. I found myself curious about pleasure, and also shamed for it, at a very young age. From late adolescence to now in my thirties, I have been obsessed with the subject. I devour any books on sex, love and relationships from cover to cover in days. 

It’s the subject I have been the most curious about, and also the area in my life I’ve experienced the most pain, disappointment, heartbreak, frustration, and shame around.

I began my training for integrative wellness and life coaching in 2017, and was drawn to relationship coaching as my specialty. At that time, I ended a relationship that had created even more shame around my sexuality. As a way to heal, I began writing erotic art and stepping into my erotic energy, realizing it’s an incredibly potent source of power and healing energy. I had a spark in me, a deep knowing I was meant to help others develop, get intimate with, and heal their relationship with sexuality. I stated it out loud that I wanted to do this work when I was 23, then again a decade later. I was greeted with the perfect email application as soon as I recovered and revealed my truth. 

My deepest, most intensive, and devotional training began in the summer of 2020 when my application was approved for Layla Martin’s program, to become a VITA™️ Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach. It was 650+ hours of self-transformation and home practices, required book reading, learning the VITA™️ (Vital, Integrated and Tantric Approach) coaching methodology and coaching other students and outside clients, being coached by other VITA™️ students and experiencing the powerful methodology first-hand, intensive workshops, lectures, coaching forums, live coaching demonstrations, business Bootcamp and leadership skills, and access to so many incredible fellow students in our community. 

Our education covered being trauma-informed, promoting inclusivity, and to embody this work. I experienced transformation in my own life that would take hours to explain how magical this program was! It truly was a masters program in Sex, Love and Relationship coaching. The training I received, I still continue to refer back to and use while I study my majors Tantric Sex and Relationship Transformation, absolutely gives me confidence in my ability as a SLR coach.

My life experience and ability to practically apply this training is what allows me to embody this wisdom. 

I am confident in my ability to hold safer space, to use love and truth as tools of transformation, and for just being me, giving permission to others to show up as their most authentic selves. I love that I can be that person people come to to talk about sex and relationships. 

Why should I work with you?

Why should I work with you? 

Sex, Love, and Relationships have been and are the subjects I devour, apply, and desire to learn more about. I also have a background in the healing arts, so I bring a multi-faceted approach to customized coaching. My ability to weave what I have personally experienced, the thousands of hours of knowledge I have acquired in almost two decades, ability to relate to so many people with similar life challenges, and skill of holding space even in intense emotional release allow me to be a well-rounded coach who gets clients results. 

You will want to work with me because I am determined to guide you to your desires coming true in your life. I will hold you in my thoughts and check in with you regularly. I want to celebrate with you, hold you accountable, and even learn from you. It’s a co-creative relationship. 

And, I love having fun, being playful, and seeing this life as a miracle! If you’re tired of being so serious all the time, I will show you a way to enjoy pleasure in your life, right now. Not after you’ve achieved some goal, reach a certain checkpoint, or someone else gives you permission to feel pleasure; but right now. 

What results should I expect? 

What results have your clients achieved?


See the Testimonials section on the website.

I have enjoyed working with a wide range of clients as I started my practice. 

I’ve had female clients who have gone their entire lives being people pleasers who learn how to advocate for themselves, set boundaries, and find more pleasure in their lives. 

I have had a client, who was curious about sex coaching and was content having infrequent sex with her husband. She awakened her sexuality and feels safe around expressing it, and now she is filled with creative ways to engage sexually with him. After almost thirty years of being in relationship with him, their sex life has blossomed. 

I had a client who felt exhausted and overwhelmed find ways to inject pleasure into her life, her work, and her relationships. She was able to pour her heart into her purpose and feel enlivened and inspired. 

I have male clients I have helped build their confidence after breakups and to find ways to relieve stress in their lives. 

I have supported many women through their healing journeys, using pleasure as a tool for integration and healing. 

I have helped women get clear on what they desire in partnership, and at least two are in successful relationships still. They identified their values and developed confidence, worthiness, and deservingness and decided to not settle for less. 

I have used my own coaching skills in my life. From working on worthiness and deservingness, I was able to see my unhealthy relationship and used tools I guide clients through to free myself, and work on healing from trauma.

I used Holistic Sex tools to have a natural and empowered birth experience. I had no medications, asked for what I needed (let go of all people pleasing patterns), and fully trusted and honored my body the entire time. It is a Rite of Passage I wish for every woman. 

I have been celibate from partner sex for seven months, and have been rebuilding a safe, loving, and pleasurable relationship with myself. I feel satiated and full of love for myself. I desire to date, but not from a place of necessity. It has allowed me to slow down and get clear on what I want, not settling for anything less than how much I love myself. I’m also have the best sex of my life with myself. 

And I have so many other stories of how amazing this coaching has been in my own life, as well as my clients. 

I use the practices regularly, walking my talk, and embodying what I teach. I won’t suggest anything to a client I haven’t already done myself. 

Where do we meet?

Where do we meet?

TL;DR: I have local options, traveling options, and remote Zoom meetings. 

I love that this work allows me to work with clients around the globe! I can meet on Zoom, phone calls, and for local clients, I can also meet in person at my office or fun locations. Retreats will be listed as they come up and are first offered to current clients. 

Classes and workshops (in person and virtual) are also listed on the website and in my newsletter. Sign up here so you won’t miss anything!

Blossom Into Your Ideal Life

Let’s connect with a free discovery call to determine the best course of action based on results you desire! As a sex, love, and relationship coach, it’s even more important to build a professional relationship with my clients. I want to make sure we are a great match, or I’d be delighted to refer you to someone who is more suited for what you’re looking for if we aren’t.
 After we determine we are a fit, we will build a container around 8  session packages that include not only our 1-on-1 time together in session, but with access to me to celebrate, ask questions, and for me to send you resources and accountability check-ins. 
Transformation takes time, intention, consistency, commitment, and courage. Expect a minimum of 12 weeks to really notice shifts in your life. Throughout our time together, we will celebrate the “small wins”, because that’s where real change happens. 

Complimentary Discovery Call

SLR Coaching Package (8 sessions)

More than just “talk coaching”, we dive deep into the body-mind to discover the parts of you that are in opposition or resisting the life you desire. This transformational methodology goes right to the root of what’s preventing you from living a pleasure-filled life. In the package you’ll receive not only sessions where we meet for 90 minutes, but practices, inner and outer focuses, and action steps to integrate into your life are done on your own. I’ll also be with you every step of the way and you’ll have access to me between sessions via text and email. 

Pick My Brain 

This service will no doubt produce breakthroughs, a-ha’s, clarity on your next step, and invaluable resource lists to take on your journey.
This three hour conversation is for those who want to tap into the thousands of hours of schooling, knowledge of hundreds of books read, some incredible real-life experiences I’ve overcome and celebrated, and the intuition of knowing what probing questions to ask that would best benefit you as I guide you through the session. 
This will be a life-changing conversation that you can walk away from equipped with powerful tools. No topic is off the table, but I do specialize in sex, love and relationships, so bring ALL the questions. 


Single SLR Coaching Session 

If you’re not ready to commit to a package, have completed a package and want to continue working with me, a single session option is a great addition to my schedule!
We will use the same powerful coaching methods I use in my packages, but you won’t receive the continued support the container offers. 
Sessions last 75-90 minutes and we primarily meet on Zoom, unless you’re local. 

Bliss Practice

Enjoy a guided, customized, remote practice on Zoom that can include meditations, breathwork, Visualizations, body-mind connection, energy healing, and more! You’ll experience more clarity, energy to infuse into your day, relaxation and bliss.

Schedule a Session

Let’s Have Coffee

Are you curious about what I offer, but aren’t ready to dive in? Do you want to learn more about me, my background, the incredible things I have learned, how I got into this work, or need some tips or guidance? You can ask me anything!! Or if you’re open to it, I get to ask you the probing questions that inspire deep reflection or open you up to possibilities and purpose.
We can meet on Zoom, at my office, or at a café/restaurant if you’re local. 

5 Weeks To Sexually Thriving

What does THRIVING mean to you? How will you know you’re out of survival mode and living your most authentic life?
What we identify as being Sexually Thriving is how we operate in the rest of our lives. For example I know when I’m Sexually Thriving because I’ll be Magnetic and Vibrant! This can be applied to every area of my life. 
Then we will look at what needs to be TRUE in your life to be able to thrive. This cuts through the limiting beliefs holding you back from truly thriving and puts you on the path forward, so you can take inspired action.
Next, we will include the high vibration emotional state as fuel to achieve thriving in your life. This is the key to staying motivated, remembering your why, and it’s ultimately the core desire- how we will feel when we are thriving. 
All of these together will jumpstart your ability to move from surviving to thriving! Together, we will find clarity on what it means for you to thrive. I will show you ways to embody all aspects of Sexually Thriving. And you get to watch your world transform!


Custom Dating Profile Bio

I made an official offering for helping write your dating profile. If you want to stand out in a sea of other matches in her/his inbox, write something about yourself that stands out! 
Or you can use this session and questions as a way to understand yourself and your desires even more. Self-awareness, knowing what you want, and being able to communicate are keys to truly connecting with others. 
You don’t have to be online dating currently to benefit from this service. It might even help you change the trajectory of your life. 

Work with me for a full year

Work with me for one full year.

Nearly unlimited coaching! We can meet weekly. I will check in on you multiple times during the week, growing with you and holding you accountable. You will also have access to a retreat, three VIP 1:1 weekend intensives, and access to all of my classes and workshops.

Your life will never be the same! I guarantee a huge transformation, and we will have so much fun together on your journey. 

This offer is only for those who are serious about massive changes in the trajectory of their life. We will be working one on one even during challenges, unforeseen life events, and through patches of resistance. 

I am confident that with the life experience, education, and my model of the world, you will emerge as someone unrecognizable, but the most “you” you’ve ever been.

This offer is by invitation only. 

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Global; Meetings via Zoom

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Client Testimonials

Desire-fulfilled Clients 

As a SLR coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

Home: Testimonials

“I met Savannah through a friend and I’m so grateful that I did. My first workshop with her was an anger ecstatic dance. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and I went anyway. I will forever be grateful for that. I trusted there was something for me there. I had just lost my baby during my pregnancy a month and for some that might of been too early to go into the world but I wanted to honor all of my emotions in loss and grief. Doing it movement felt so natural to me. 
Savannah provided such a safe space to express and touch through each and every emotion that came up through the movement. Initially during the dance session, it felt odd to me bc it was in a room of strangers, but watching Savannah gave me comfort that I needed. I learned so much of myself from Savannah. I learned the body holds and carries stored emotion and trauma and during movement, we can bring them up and work through them! I have had a love of dance all my life and so just realizing this was such a “aha” moment! I also learned that movement is so personal and trusting and allowing my body to move without my own judgement of looking “silly” and “odd” is fucking empowering. I realized that I put my love of dance on the back burner when it could be such a powerful tool to help me in my healing process and spiritual journey. 
Through motherhood and pregnancy I found myself loosing myself in those tittles. It was hard because I started to just see myself as a vessel to hold life and my body wasn’t able to do that after loosing our son. I sought finding the badass woman I knew that was there. Savannah gave me the space to reconnect with those parts. Through her sharing in her experiences and breaking perspective of social views on sex and lust and what that looked like as a women. 
I love Savannah’s energy and soul! She has so much knowledge and so much to share. I look forward to all the things she has to share while we are on this journey of experience. 
I’ve since found my inner goddess, my inner badass woman energy. Through what I’ve been through, I no longer want to hide what is so powerful and empowering. I choose my truth and authenticity fully. And what Savannah gave me was her truth and in that, saw my own.”

Get in Touch

“ I’ve cultivated a sense of power… Something I’ve been trying to cultivate, but working with you helped me to really shift some things and understand that I am the one that is blocking myself from receiving. Being able to get underneath the different layers and see things from a cleaner perspective has helped immensely. I am now working out at the gym again consistently, and I’ve nailed down a morning routine that includes meditation and breathwork almost every day! Definitely every workday. I also feel more in tune with what I desire and know that I have what it takes to cultivate my desires for myself.”-J.T.

"Working with Savannah has supported and propelled my journey in so many ways. Her level of care is palpable and she holds a safe container where I feel I can show up no matter what state of mind I am in at the moment. She is a wealth of knowledge and has an amazing library of tools and resources to share. I leave our sessions feeling grounded, calm, nourished and light. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of self, improve  their relationships with others and elevate their life to the next level!" - Jess M.

“Sexuality is one of the ways we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge”

Alice Walker

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Classes and Workshops 

Dive Deeper into Yourself


Self-Guided Sex Magic Practice 

Get the Most out of Life

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.

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