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Practicing Bliss

The first four months of my Sex, Love and Relationships coaching program was completely focused on self-transformation, growth, and practice.

I was able to fully immerse myself in the experience and exercises I would be guiding my clients into. I became my first official sex coaching client and it was intense, amazing, inspiring, and beyond anything I could’ve imagined or described. I brought my own life’s challenges into my studies and experienced first hand the power that pleasure, intentional self-discovery, and moving out of the default mode network’s way of thinking and deep into my subconscious body-mind could have on my healing.

At the time, I was pregnant, and it helped so much to nurture myself as old shadows, wounding, and fears surfaced. The practices also helped tremendously in my labor and birth, and I give SO much credit to developing a healthy relationship to my own sexuality as being the reason I had a natural, empowering, and ecstatic birth story. I can confidently work with pregnant women because I’ve used the modifications, I have experienced first hand the power of the pleasure practices in all three trimesters, and now, I use them to heal the trauma associated with leaving an abusive relationship.

Just because I have graduated doesn’t mean I set the practices down. Just yesterday I did an epic Orgasmic Ingredients Practice and felt so much gratitude for my body’s ability to create, expand, and contain so much pleasure. My body felt electric, and inspired tears and laughter. Without knowing a story, I just knew so much clearing and healing took place. Trauma isn’t healed by talking about it, it’s healed through the body.

This is a lifelong journey, and I am beyond grateful to have these tools for growth, self-discovery, and healing that are nourishing, fun, and hot! I love being able to share these gifts with my clients, either in teaching and guiding them, or also in my transmission. The deeper I go into myself and expand me, the deeper and more expansive my container is to hold others.

I love this work! It’s an incredible feeling to find something that lights me up and I obsess over like a hot love affair. I am seeking, fantasizing about, and throwing myself into this vocation of sex, love, and relationship coaching. I am turned on just writing about it!

If you’re curious, I’m offering customized, guided, and remote “Bliss Practices” that are 30-40 minutes in duration. E-mail me for info and a scheduling link.

Art by Jana Brike

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