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Turn On Starts with You!

You can’t wait on anyone else to give you what you need. Taking self-responsibility is your key to empowerment. You are responsible for your own turn-on. Even when you experience turn on with another person, it originates from YOU!

Waiting around for someone else to make you feel enlivened, excited, radiant, and turned on is doing yourself a disservice. Those times you’ve been with others that made you feel radiant, sexy, and sexually powerful wasn’t a result from them, rather they were a MIRROR to your glorious turn-on.

Turn on is powered by raw sexual energy, but it doesn’t have to be sexually explicit. You can use your own turn on to propel a business venture, redecorate your spaces, or have more energy to play with your kids.

Here are a few of the many ways you can TURN yourself way the fuck ON:

💃🏻 Dance to a song that makes you feel SEXY AF. Seduce yourself with your moves.

🦶 Walk barefoot in mud, cool grass, or warm sand. Truly embrace all sensations, connecting the energy of your feet to your perineum.

✍️ Write an erotic story, or even a piece of one. Recall a peak sexual experience or a juicy fantasy.

🧘‍♀️ Use all five senses to conjure up feelings of turn on in meditation. Imagine those senses being lit up, or bring in sounds, textures, foods, scents etc to really dive into a rich sensory experience.

Use this turn on to fuel your day or get ready to connect with a lover.

Remember: Turn On Begins With Me!

Artist: Pierre Schmidt

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