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Slow the F Down

Yesterday I had a deeply sensual and even erotic experience in the woods, and running hard on my favorite hill.

It was a crisp, 45 degree morning. My breath crystallized in the cool air. Surrounded by a canopy of 1,000 shades of Autumn, a symphony played. Raindrops pattered on the leaves above me as a few stray drops kissed my nose and cheeks, the wind shared her premonitory song of bitterness in the coming months, and the crunching of fallen tree confetti beneath my feet created a surround sound experience that rivals any home entertainment center.

I moved off trail to empty the pumpkin spiced goodness that quickly made its way through me. There’s something primal, invigorating, and liberating about squatting to pee in the woods.

Even as life is slowing down, shedding, and changing, the woods still have aliveness. A doe crossed my path, butterflies continue to share the reminder of metamorphosis, and happy blue flowers lined the pathway. I made sure to soak in every moment. I tried to capture the beauty on my 3x6 screen, and even with modern technology, there’s no way to really show you what I saw with my natural orbs.

As I moved into the clearing, from the lushness of the tree laden oasis and into the meadow, the beauty just expanded. To my left, even the grasses reflected gorgeous Autumn hues of reds, browns, green, and flecks of gold on a backdrop of luscious blues, purple and silver sky. To my right, areas of the field were scattered with a luminous gold and yellow marbling. The changing foliage probably glows in the dark.

The sun peaked through its morning robe of grey and purple and rays poured on my back, like a delicious lover melting honey on my skin. My shadow, my favorite workout partner, arrived. I imagined she was my trainer, encouraging me to climb the steep hill.

The music hit just right as I ascended the brae. My muscles were on fire, my breath steadied to a perfect rhythm, and once I summited, a rush of endorphins flooded my body. There’s no better way to descend than to strut and dance. I felt the music flowing through my body as I moved my hips in a figure eight. Off on the horizon, I saw wisps of rain, dark in contrast to the glittering sunlight. Raindrops that hung to the flora below were scattered diamonds, a masterpiece unable to be photographed, but are forever etched in my mind.

The spectrum of color from the tree line and everything around me reminded me that nature is the most supreme artist. Her palette may never be replicated.

I felt reverence in all of my cells, gratitude for life itself, and ecstasy after climbing 13 hills at full speed. I felt so honored to experience such a beautiful morning to get me started!

When was the last time you slowed down to take it all in?

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